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Payments 101 digest is back with another insightful post for payment enthusiasts. While E-commerce has known a drastic increase in volume this year, an integral aspect is often overlooked. While businesses are often looking at increasing conversion rates, many tend to forget their payment acceptance in the equation. In many occasions this could have a drastic impact on an online business’ revenues.

So what is an acceptance rate? It is the percentage of the accepted transaction out of the attempted payments. For example, if your business’s payment system accepts 90 out of 100 transactions placed by the customers, the acceptance…

E-commerce and online business have revolutionized the way we trade. Digital commerce removed most barriers and made it easier to launch businesses quickly and sell worldwide. As popular payment methods vary from one region or country to another, it is essential to properly understand how online payments function in order to optimize operations and reach more customers. In this Payments 101 digest, we will be updating merchants and payment enthusiasts alike with payment methods that will increase and optimize your acceptance rate as well as security measures that will mitigate fraud.

The purpose of online payments is to streamline and…


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